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Bakery is a C++ Framework for creating GNOME applications using gtkmm.


Document/View with Bakery describes how the App, Document, and View are linked together.

Bakery Menus and Toolbars describes how to customize the standard menus and toolbar.

XML-Formatted Bakery Documents describes how to derive your Document from Document_XML.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions gives some more background.

Reference Documentation shows the classes and their interfaces.

There are several examples in the distribution. They show how to use various amounts of Bakery functionality.


You can download Bakery from here.

A standalone example project is also available. There is also a standalone Document_XML example which shows how to register your Document's DTD during installation.

Required Libraries




Bakery is in GNOME's CVS, in the bakery module.

The mailing list, bug tracker, and task manager are at sourceforge.

Applications that use Bakery


Murray Cumming (Please post to the mailing list - I will ignore emails sent directly to me.)

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