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Bakery::Conf::Client Member List

This is the complete list of members for Bakery::Conf::Client, including all inherited members.

add(const Glib::ustring &key, Gtk::Widget &widget)Bakery::Conf::Client [virtual]
add_association(const Glib::ustring &key, T_Widget &widget, bool instant)Bakery::Conf::Client [inline, protected]
add_implementation(const Glib::ustring &key, Gtk::Widget &widget, bool instant)Bakery::Conf::Client [protected, virtual]
add_instant(const Glib::ustring &key, Gtk::Widget &widget)Bakery::Conf::Client [virtual]
AssociationPtr typedefBakery::Conf::Client [protected]
Client(const Glib::ustring &configuration_directory)Bakery::Conf::Client
load()Bakery::Conf::Client [virtual]
save()Bakery::Conf::Client [virtual]
~Client()Bakery::Conf::Client [virtual]

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