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Bakery::View< T_Document > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Bakery::View< T_Document >, including all inherited members.

clipboard_clear()Bakery::ViewBase [virtual]
clipboard_copy()Bakery::ViewBase [virtual]
clipboard_paste()Bakery::ViewBase [virtual]
get_document()Bakery::View< T_Document > [inline, virtual]
get_document() const Bakery::View< T_Document > [inline, virtual]
load_from_document()Bakery::ViewBase [virtual]
m_pDocumentBakery::View< T_Document > [protected]
on_document_forget()Bakery::View< T_Document > [inline, protected]
save_to_document()Bakery::ViewBase [virtual]
set_document(T_Document *pDocument)Bakery::View< T_Document > [inline, virtual]
set_modified(bool val=true)Bakery::View< T_Document > [inline, virtual]
type_self typedefBakery::View< T_Document >
View()Bakery::View< T_Document > [inline]
~View()Bakery::View< T_Document > [inline, virtual]
~ViewBase()Bakery::ViewBase [virtual]

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