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egg-recent-util.h File Reference

#include <gtk/gtk.h>
#include <libgnomeui/gnome-icon-theme.h>

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G_BEGIN_DECLS gchar * egg_recent_util_escape_underlines (const gchar *uri)
gchar * egg_recent_util_get_unique_id (void)
GdkPixbuf * egg_recent_util_get_icon (GnomeIconTheme *theme, const gchar *uri, const gchar *mime_type, int size)

Function Documentation

G_BEGIN_DECLS gchar* egg_recent_util_escape_underlines const gchar *  uri  ) 

GdkPixbuf* egg_recent_util_get_icon GnomeIconTheme *  theme,
const gchar *  uri,
const gchar *  mime_type,
int  size

gchar* egg_recent_util_get_unique_id void   ) 

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