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Bakery::AppInstanceManager Class Reference

Contains a list of App instances. More...

#include <AppInstanceManager.h>

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Public Types

typedef std::list< App * > type_listAppInstances

Public Member Functions

 AppInstanceManager ()
virtual ~AppInstanceManager ()
virtual void add_app (App *pApp)
virtual void close_all ()
virtual void cancel_close_all ()
virtual unsigned int get_app_count () const
virtual type_listAppInstances get_instances () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual void on_app_hide (App *pApp)

Protected Attributes

type_listAppInstances m_listAppInstances
bool m_bExiting

Detailed Description

Contains a list of App instances.

Each App registers itself with the one AppInstanceManager, and the AppInstanceManager will then delete the App when it has been closed, by catching the "hide" signal. You should not need to use this class directly.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::list<App*> Bakery::AppInstanceManager::type_listAppInstances

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Bakery::AppInstanceManager::AppInstanceManager  ) 

virtual Bakery::AppInstanceManager::~AppInstanceManager  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void Bakery::AppInstanceManager::add_app App pApp  )  [virtual]

virtual void Bakery::AppInstanceManager::cancel_close_all  )  [virtual]

virtual void Bakery::AppInstanceManager::close_all  )  [virtual]

virtual unsigned int Bakery::AppInstanceManager::get_app_count  )  const [virtual]

virtual type_listAppInstances Bakery::AppInstanceManager::get_instances  )  const [virtual]

virtual void Bakery::AppInstanceManager::on_app_hide App pApp  )  [protected, virtual]

Member Data Documentation

bool Bakery::AppInstanceManager::m_bExiting [protected]

type_listAppInstances Bakery::AppInstanceManager::m_listAppInstances [protected]

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