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bakery Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Bakery::AppBakery's Main Window
Bakery::App_GtkThis class implements Bakery::App using gtkmm
Bakery::App_WithDocMain Window which supports documents
Bakery::App_WithDoc_GtkThis class implements Bakery::App_WithDoc using gtkmm
Bakery::AppInstanceManagerContains a list of App instances
Bakery::Conf::Association< T_Widget >
Bakery::Conf::AssociationBaseProvides behaviors that are common to all widget/key associations
Bakery::BusyCursorChanges the cursor for as long as this instance lives
Bakery::Conf::ClientConfiguration Client Allows you to associate widget "values" with configuration keys, and then load() and save() them all at once
Bakery::Dialog_PreferencesPreferences Dialog In the Glade file: The vbox should contain a widget called "vbox"
Bakery::DocumentThe Document is like the 'Model' in the Model-View-Controller framework
Bakery::GtkDialogsThis class implements some gtkmm UI abstractions
Bakery::sharedptr< T_obj >A shared reference-counting smart-pointer
Bakery::View< T_Document >This is a base class which should be multiple-inherited with gtkmm widgets
Bakery::View_Composite< T_Document >This View delegates to sub-views
Bakery::ViewBaseThis is a base class for View

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