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bakery File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
App.h [code]
App_Gtk.h [code]
App_WithDoc.h [code]
App_WithDoc_Gtk.h [code]
AppInstanceManager.h [code]
Association.h [code]
AssociationBase.h [code]
bakery.h [code]
BusyCursor.h [code]
Client.h [code]
Dialog_OfferSave.h [code]
Dialog_OverwriteFile.h [code]
Dialog_Preferences.h [code]
Document.h [code]
Document_XML.h [code]
egg-recent-item.h [code]
egg-recent-model.h [code]
egg-recent-util.h [code]
egg-recent-view-gtk.h [code]
egg-recent-view.h [code]
egg-recent.h [code]
GtkDialogs.h [code]
init.h [code]
sharedptr.h [code]
View.h [code]
View_Composite.h [code]
ViewBase.h [code]

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