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Bakery::Conf::AssociationBase Class Reference

Provides behaviors that are common to all widget/key associations. More...

#include <AssociationBase.h>

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Public Types

typedef sharedptr< AssociationBaseAssociationPtr

Public Member Functions

void add (const Glib::RefPtr< Gnome::Conf::Client > &conf_client)
void load ()
void save ()
virtual ~AssociationBase ()

Protected Types

typedef sigc::slot< void > Callback

Protected Member Functions

 AssociationBase (const Glib::ustring &full_key, bool instant)
 AssociationBase (const AssociationBase &other)
bool is_instant () const
Glib::ustring get_key () const
Glib::RefPtr< const Gnome::Conf::Client > get_conf_client () const
Glib::RefPtr< Gnome::Conf::Client > get_conf_client ()
virtual void connect_widget (Callback on_widget_changed)=0
virtual void load_widget ()=0
virtual void save_widget ()=0
void on_widget_changed ()
void on_conf_changed (guint cnxn_id, Gnome::Conf::Entry entry)

Protected Attributes

Glib::ustring m_key
bool m_instant
Glib::RefPtr< Gnome::Conf::Client > m_conf_client

Detailed Description

Provides behaviors that are common to all widget/key associations.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef sharedptr<AssociationBase> Bakery::Conf::AssociationBase::AssociationPtr

typedef sigc::slot<void> Bakery::Conf::AssociationBase::Callback [protected]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual Bakery::Conf::AssociationBase::~AssociationBase  )  [virtual]

Bakery::Conf::AssociationBase::AssociationBase const Glib::ustring full_key,
bool  instant

Bakery::Conf::AssociationBase::AssociationBase const AssociationBase other  )  [protected]

Member Function Documentation

void Bakery::Conf::AssociationBase::add const Glib::RefPtr< Gnome::Conf::Client > &  conf_client  ) 

virtual void Bakery::Conf::AssociationBase::connect_widget Callback  on_widget_changed  )  [protected, pure virtual]

Implemented in Bakery::Conf::Association< T_Widget >.

Glib::RefPtr<Gnome::Conf::Client> Bakery::Conf::AssociationBase::get_conf_client  )  [protected]

Glib::RefPtr<const Gnome::Conf::Client> Bakery::Conf::AssociationBase::get_conf_client  )  const [protected]

Glib::ustring Bakery::Conf::AssociationBase::get_key  )  const [protected]

bool Bakery::Conf::AssociationBase::is_instant  )  const [protected]

void Bakery::Conf::AssociationBase::load  ) 

virtual void Bakery::Conf::AssociationBase::load_widget  )  [protected, pure virtual]

Implemented in Bakery::Conf::Association< T_Widget >.

void Bakery::Conf::AssociationBase::on_conf_changed guint  cnxn_id,
Gnome::Conf::Entry  entry

void Bakery::Conf::AssociationBase::on_widget_changed  )  [protected]

void Bakery::Conf::AssociationBase::save  ) 

virtual void Bakery::Conf::AssociationBase::save_widget  )  [protected, pure virtual]

Implemented in Bakery::Conf::Association< T_Widget >.

Member Data Documentation

Glib::RefPtr<Gnome::Conf::Client> Bakery::Conf::AssociationBase::m_conf_client [protected]

bool Bakery::Conf::AssociationBase::m_instant [protected]

Glib::ustring Bakery::Conf::AssociationBase::m_key [protected]

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