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Bakery::Document_XML Class Reference

#include <Document_XML.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Document_XML ()
virtual ~Document_XML ()
virtual bool load_after ()
virtual bool save_before ()
virtual void set_dtd_name (const std::string &strVal)
virtual std::string get_dtd_name () const
virtual void set_dtd_root_node_name (const Glib::ustring &strVal)
virtual Glib::ustring get_dtd_root_node_name () const
virtual void set_write_formatted (bool formatted=true)
 Whether to add extra whitespace when writing the XML to disk.
virtual bool set_xml (const Glib::ustring &strXML)
virtual Glib::ustring get_xml ()

Protected Types

typedef Bakery::Document type_base

Protected Member Functions

virtual xmlpp::Elementget_node_child_named (const xmlpp::Element *node, const Glib::ustring &strName) const
virtual xmlpp::Elementget_node_child_named_with_add (xmlpp::Element *node, const Glib::ustring &strName)
virtual const xmlpp::Elementget_node_document () const
virtual xmlpp::Elementget_node_document ()
virtual void Util_DOM_Write (Glib::ustring &refstrXML)

Static Protected Member Functions

Glib::ustring get_node_attribute_value (const xmlpp::Element *node, const Glib::ustring &strAttributeName)
void set_node_attribute_value (xmlpp::Element *node, const Glib::ustring &strAttributeName, const Glib::ustring &strValue)

Protected Attributes

xmlpp::DomParser m_DOM_Parser
xmlpp::Document * m_pDOM_Document
std::string m_strDTD_Name
Glib::ustring m_strRootNodeName
bool m_write_formatted

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef Bakery::Document Bakery::Document_XML::type_base [protected]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Bakery::Document_XML::Document_XML  ) 

virtual Bakery::Document_XML::~Document_XML  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual std::string Bakery::Document_XML::get_dtd_name  )  const [virtual]

virtual Glib::ustring Bakery::Document_XML::get_dtd_root_node_name  )  const [virtual]

Glib::ustring Bakery::Document_XML::get_node_attribute_value const xmlpp::Element node,
const Glib::ustring strAttributeName
[static, protected]

virtual xmlpp::Element* Bakery::Document_XML::get_node_child_named const xmlpp::Element node,
const Glib::ustring strName
const [protected, virtual]

virtual xmlpp::Element* Bakery::Document_XML::get_node_child_named_with_add xmlpp::Element node,
const Glib::ustring strName
[protected, virtual]

virtual xmlpp::Element* Bakery::Document_XML::get_node_document  )  [protected, virtual]

virtual const xmlpp::Element* Bakery::Document_XML::get_node_document  )  const [protected, virtual]

virtual Glib::ustring Bakery::Document_XML::get_xml  )  [virtual]

virtual bool Bakery::Document_XML::load_after  )  [virtual]


Does anything which should be done after the data has been loaded from disk, but before updating the View.

Reimplemented from Bakery::Document.

virtual bool Bakery::Document_XML::save_before  )  [virtual]


Does anything which should be done before the view has saved its data, before writing to disk..

Reimplemented from Bakery::Document.

virtual void Bakery::Document_XML::set_dtd_name const std::string &  strVal  )  [virtual]

virtual void Bakery::Document_XML::set_dtd_root_node_name const Glib::ustring strVal  )  [virtual]

void Bakery::Document_XML::set_node_attribute_value xmlpp::Element node,
const Glib::ustring strAttributeName,
const Glib::ustring strValue
[static, protected]

virtual void Bakery::Document_XML::set_write_formatted bool  formatted = true  )  [virtual]

Whether to add extra whitespace when writing the XML to disk.

Do not use this if whitespace is significant in your XML format.

virtual bool Bakery::Document_XML::set_xml const Glib::ustring strXML  )  [virtual]

virtual void Bakery::Document_XML::Util_DOM_Write Glib::ustring refstrXML  )  [protected, virtual]

Member Data Documentation

xmlpp::DomParser Bakery::Document_XML::m_DOM_Parser [protected]

xmlpp::Document* Bakery::Document_XML::m_pDOM_Document [protected]

std::string Bakery::Document_XML::m_strDTD_Name [protected]

Glib::ustring Bakery::Document_XML::m_strRootNodeName [protected]

bool Bakery::Document_XML::m_write_formatted [protected]

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